The founders of Majestic Ministries are Buddy and Joyce Johnson. They lived in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, full time, from October 1982 to October 1993, working with “Feed the Children.” During that period, they oversaw a child sponsor program, supplied food to about 20 schools under their program, and food to other organizations. They also administered a medical clinic, a laboratory, a dental clinic, an eye clinic, and a trade school. When “Feed the Children” recalled them back to the States, they vowed that as soon as possible, they would return to open a trade school, teaching skills to the youth of Haiti. Under the name Majestic Ministries Foundation Inc., they applied for and received, in 1999, a 501 (c) 3 status as a non-profit organization. They opened the trade school in February 2000 with computer and typing classes and English as a second language, with future plans to eventually start classes in cooking and sewing.

They were meeting in a building owned by a Bible School, using some of their rooms. In order to expand and add the cooking and sewing classes, they needed more space. They made arrangements with the owner of the building to add a third floor to the already two story building. This contained classroom space for the computers, typing, and English classes, a complete kitchen for cooking classes, and a large open area used by the sewing classes.

Very soon, this also became too small for any more expansion, and the Bible School was also expanding. Majestic Ministries rented another building for one year with plans to purchase either a larger building or land on which to construct a structure large enough to cover the present needs and space in which to expand. They were still in the process of looking when the January 2010 earthquake destroyed more than just their plans.

The rented building withstood the earthquake with only minor cracks in the floor. They determined to re-start the school as soon as possible. However the government decreed that no school could meet in a concrete roofed building. They also soon learned that the majority of the students were afraid to enter any concrete building for fear of its collapsing. It was at this time that they found their present location to purchase. The owner agreed to let them open the school and to make any modifications or remodeling necessary in order to hold classes until such time that the payment and the paperwork was completed.

The property includes three buildings. The main house was remodeled to hold the cooking, sewing, computer, and English classes. Another building was more recently remodeled to hold the office and cosmetology classes that started in the Fall of 2013. The third building houses living quarters for a staff member and storage. We are now in full operation with current classes in computer software and repairs; cooking; baking; sewing; and English as a second language.

12001 N. Ecker Drive

Edmond, OK 73013

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